April 8, 2015: Winnipeg River

There was low cloud this morning, but it lifted by the time I came home this evening. I’ve had a number of requests for pictures of the Winnipeg River, so I grabbed a series of snapshots as we headed past Minaki and up the river to Kenora. Click to zoom in.


Minaki and Gun Lake.


Tunnel Bay and Treaty Island


The Big Stretch.


The Dalles and Poplar Portage


The Dalles

These pictures are in sequence from north to south. I don’t know my way around the river that well, and I don’t have a good chart in the house, so rather than guess, I’ll just throw these out there and let you river dwellers figure it out. I bought brand new charts to help me with some of the new areas I am trying to cover this year. I see that I didn’t cover Locke Bay this time out, so I’ll try again next time.

2 thoughts on “April 8, 2015: Winnipeg River

  1. Hi i am hoping for some Ash rapids and surrounding area shots if possible? I will look forward eagerly to new pictures & open water boating/fishing !! Keep up the great work 🙂

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