April 7, 2015: Back to Work

Walsten Air didn’t have any flights over the Easter weekend, but we were back in the air today. Overall, cool weather meant little change in ice cover.

Here are some photographs of the Kenora area taken by my colleagues Tom Hutton and Pam Olafson.

Click on the pictures for the highest (zoomable) resolution.

Pine Portage Bay: Northern Harbour.

Pine Portage Bay: Northern Harbour.

This shot looks west with Northern Harbour at the lower right corner. The ice looks pretty solid in Rat Portage Bay.

Matheson Bay.

This photo of Matheson Bay looking north west shows Devil’s Gap just to the right of center, and Keewatin Channel left of center, further back. One corner of Town Island is visible at the extreme left. Progress at Devil’s Gap has been slow – open water still does not reach Roger’s Island or Galt Island.

Devil's Gap.

Devil’s Gap.

This is a closer look at Devil’s Gap, still facing northwest. The north east tip of Roger’s Island is closest to dead center of this picture. In the background, it looks as if some of the water around Yacht Club Island may have refrozen.

Warmer weather is on the way, according to the Weather Network. Normal this time of year means daytime highs of around 7ºC and overnight lows of -4ºC. They are calling for highs of around 10ºC for the next few days, a weekend that might hit 14ºC, and a continuation of slightly above normal temperatures for a week after that.

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