April 5, 2015: Seven Sisters

I didn’t go flying on the Easter weekend, but Dave and Alice Thiele did. They took the Recreational Aircraft Association‘s Piper Cherokee (C-GNUC) from Lyncrest Airport near Winnipeg out to look at the Seven Sisters Dam on the Winnipeg River in the Whiteshell.


Downstream of Seven Sisters Dam

In the upper photo, Lac du Bonnet is in the distance, where the white ice is. It doesn’t look like any significant amount of water is being routed through the overflow gates, but the river is opening up through the Whiteshell.


Natalie Lake, upstream of Seven Sisters.

In areas where the river widens out into lakes and the current slows down, there is still ice.

If you are a regular visitor to Ice Patrol, you already know that I have operational constraints that make it hard for me to range far from Kenora. Thanks to contributors like the Thieles, I can cover a wider area of cottage country. With help, I hope to provide more information on places like Shoal Lake, West Hawk and Falcon Lake this year.

2 thoughts on “April 5, 2015: Seven Sisters

  1. Do you or any of your fellow pilots ever fly over Locke Bay/Powderpuff area of Winnipeg River? We are on an island and can’t get over until there’s open water. Really appreciate your reports and photos.

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