April 1, 2015: Andrew’s Pictures

Local pilot Andrew Kozlowski took an extensive flight down Lake of the Woods this afternoon, ranging as far south as Crescent Island, south of the Barrier Islands.

You can click on Andrew’s photographs to see them in full resolution.

Let’s start close to town. 


Norman in the foreground, downtown Kenora further back on the left.

That little patch of ice in front of Birchwood Terrace is hanging on, but there is a lot more water along the city waterfront and around Bush Island.

Turnbull Island, Safety Bay.

Turnbull Island, Mackie’s Island, Safety Bay. Keewatin Bridge visible at the left.

Looking east along Safety Bay, there’s quite a bit more open water around Mackie’s Island. It does not quite reach as far as Yacht Club Island yet.

Yacht Club Island

Yacht Club Island

Yacht Club Island is in the forefront of this picture, with the Keewatin shoreline at the right. Reflections of the afternoon sunlight make it easier to distinguish the water from the ice.

The Tangle, Thompson Island and Holmstrom's Marsh.

The Tangle, Thompson Island and Holmstrom’s Marsh.

For the first time, there is some open water in the Tangle. At the left, you can see the ice road that runs through Holmstrom’s Marsh.

Now the bad news.


The Manitou: Net Nokwa Island and The Hump, with the Slate Island Group.

The Manitou is solid. Andrew took pictures around Whisky Island, too, and all of the Manitou looks like this.

The Elbow by Allie Island.

The Elbow by Allie Island.

He did find one patch of water when he got to the Barrier Islands. Strong currents at the Elbow have forced open some water there.

Thanks, Andrew, for the great shots and especially for going over the chart with me to make sure we had everything properly identified.

2 thoughts on “April 1, 2015: Andrew’s Pictures

  1. Any pictures showing Gun Club island is appreciated……..we spent the winter at our camp and really appreciate this website showing the Break-up.

    • Jackfish Bay was still pretty solid when Andrew went out. He took a lot of photographs, and Gun Club Island did appear partially or in the distance in a couple of them. It was totally iced in. When the water starts to reach Gun Club, I’ll make sure to get a picture.

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