March 30, 2015: Ice Roads and Open Water

March did not warm up as much as I hoped, so the thaw has progressed gradually. As always, the lake is opening up starting at the headwaters of the Winnipeg River and spreading southwards.

A week ago, Safety Bay was about half ice and half water. Today it’s more like three quarters water. Today’s morning light didn’t provide good contrast between the water and ice, so you may find it helpful to click on these pictures to see them in full resolution.

Downtown, Jackfish Bay and Safety Bay.

Downtown, Jackfish Bay and Safety Bay.

The Harbourfront and Coney Island dominate the picture above. The Coney Island footbridge is fully afloat now, and the stretch of open water in front of the Lakeside Inn is growing larger. Ice roads are visible at the left.

Safety Bay by Birchwood Terrace.

Safety Bay by Birchwood Terrace.

Flying west down Safety Bay, I noticed that the main stretch is almost all open, with just a weak and cracking patch of ice near Birchwood Terrace and The Headwaters.


Safety Bay by the Discovery Center.

Further west, Keewatin Channel is slowly clearing, although I was disappointed to see that Yacht Club Island is still iced in. The photo above has Cameron Bay at the right in the foreground and the Keewatin Bridge is higher up at the right edge.


Crowe, Forrest and Channel Islands.

Turning south to look at Channel Island, there is more open water.


Close-up of Channel Island.

A little sunlight on the water helps to show that Canoe Channel will be open soon. South of Channel Island, it’s all ice.


Shragge’s, Treaty and Roger Islands on the left, Town Island on the right.

People have been asking about the Town Island and Bare Point area. These will be the next sections to open up after Keewatin Channel, so I snapped this picture. The ice is pretty solid there. The red circle marks a vehicle on the ice road.  If you click on the picture and zoom in, you can just about make out that it’s a pickup truck. Please don’t take that to mean that all the ice roads are safe- you can see one that leads right to the edge of the open water!

6 thoughts on “March 30, 2015: Ice Roads and Open Water

  1. Wow Great Pics today
    Getting Spring Fever !
    Any chance to fly over Bare Pt . and Bare Pt . Marina
    Checking out Lunny Island , would Greatly be Appreciated

  2. Thanks so much – if you can get a closer look at Town Island (BB Camp) – we would greatly appreciate it. We are excited to head out to Camp in six weeks 🙂

    • Clearwater is too far west of Kenora for me to reach easily, but I am working on getting some friends to fly out that way. I hope to have something in the coming weeks.

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