March 24, 2015: Currents opening Safety Bay

It was a gloomy day with low cloud today, so I was able to snap only a few photographs as I approached the airport.

Click on the photos to see the high resolution version.


Forrest, Crowe and Channel Islands, looking south east.

I think I was roughly over the Yacht Club when I took this picture looking down the channel towards Channel Island. That should be Forrest Island right off the wingtip.


Mackies Island and Cameron Island, looking east down Safety Bay.

The Keewatin Bridge is visible at the left of this photograph. Mackies Island is the one in the foreground, Cameron Island beyond it at the right of the picture, and beyond that, Coney Island. Moments later I got one more shot going in the same direction.


Coney Island, still looking east.

I would say that Safety Bay is about half open now. That white structure on the shore at the left is the roof of the Lake of the Woods Discovery Center, home of Tourism Kenora. If you click on the picture to see all the detail, you can make out their large Canadian Flag.

Keep in mind that I take pictures where the water is. That’s a gentle way of reminding you that the rest of the lake is very much frozen. For instance, Cam says the Manitou- which is one of the last parts of the lake to thaw- still has ice up to three feet thick. This is normal. Melting all the ice takes approximately six weeks from start to finish.

3 thoughts on “March 24, 2015: Currents opening Safety Bay

  1. Hi, I love following the blogs – can you please give updates and/or pictures of Clytie Bay, Shoal Lake as the ice melts as I love getting out as soon as possible? thanks again

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