March 20, 2015: Slow Progress

The spring equinox means that from now on there will be more hours of sunlight than darkness. That sunlight packs enough energy to assist in melting ice even though we are seeing below freezing temperatures most nights, and daytime highs of just above zero.

Water currents are still the biggest factor in clearing ice right now, so there has been an increase in the amount of water in Clearwater Bay, Back Channel and Devil’s Gap, but no new areas have opened up yet.

I had a chance to swing out over the lake before landing this afternoon, so I just grabbed a couple of quick shots.


Back Channel, looking west.

Treaty Island dominates the middle of this photograph and there’s a good amount of open water visible left of center around Channel Island. Further to the right, you can see that there is more water along Safety Bay, too.

Click on the photos to see them in full resolution.

Devil's Gap and downtown Kenora.

Devil’s Gap and downtown Kenora.

As we started to swing back toward the airport I was able to get a shot that shows a bit more of the water at Devil’s Gap and Safety Bay. That’s the Kenora Golf Course in the foreground.

Unusually cold temperatures are expected for this weekend, with lows in the range of -18° both Friday and Saturday night. After that, a week of normal temperatures and then a week of above normal temperatures are forecast: we could see temperatures remaining above freezing around the clock by the last week of March. We should see more rapid progress then.

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