March 9, 2015: Getting Warmer

Warmer, but not a lot meltier. Yes, the streets of Kenora are a sloppy mess of puddles and slush, but Lake of the Woods is not so easily transformed. The first small stretches of open water have appeared on Safety Bay. I happened to be out flying today, for one of my annual proficiency tests. (These are like a nightmarish version of a driving test, with simulated emergencies and so on. They last over an hour and age me at least a week because my job depends on my satisfactory performance.) Anyway, here’s a picture of what little water there is.

Looking West down Safety Bay

Looking West down Safety Bay

Don’t forget: you can click on the picture to see the large version.

You can see patches of water by the hospital and by the headwaters, and more significantly, in the middle of Safety Bay near Lowe’s Island. There might be a tiny patch over by Cameron Island as well. On the right, you can see quite a lot of water on the Winnipeg River.

Keep in mind that Safety Bay is not typical of Lake of the Woods. There are strong currents, so open water here does not indicate that ice is going out anywhere else. I checked. It isn’t. 😦

It’s still to soon to get obsessed, but I might have an opportunity to take more pictures on Saturday. That’s the day that Walsten Air will be flying the winners of the Children’s Art Contest that we sponsored along with 89.5 The Lake, Nibbler’s Nook and Inglenook Art Studio to Winnipeg for the Disney on Ice show. Weather and passengers permitting, I’ll snap a couple of pictures on the way.

5 thoughts on “March 9, 2015: Getting Warmer

  1. Fascinating. Can sympathise with you about the flying exam. Connie Martin (Anne Johnson’s sister in Scotland, who has been out gardening, by the way).

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