May 22, 2014: Shoal Lake

Maybe we are not quite done yet. The latest Satellite Photo reveals that a sizeable ice pan still survives on the Big Traverse, and that the ice is not all gone on Shoal Lake.

Please welcome Matthew to the Ice Patrol; he is able to get aerial photos of the Shoal Lake area sometimes. Here is the latest of them, taken Thursday afternoon.

20140522_172323This is Shoal Lake, featuring mostly the south part of the lake, looking SW with Stevens Island and Dominique Island near the center of the picture. Matthew thinks this ice will be gone soon. The forecast is for summery temperatures for the next few days.

I had many queries from people with properties on Shoal Lake this spring, and I’m looking forwards to having better coverage next year, with Matthew’s help.

2 thoughts on “May 22, 2014: Shoal Lake

  1. Great resource. Well done site. Any summer pictures? Flooding. Turtle Portage. Fort St. Charles. Northern Harbour. Winnipeg River. Thanks.

  2. I really love this website – do you provide details on when the ice freezes up ? I am curious about Shoal Lake in particular.

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