May 20, 2014: Socked In

I was hoping to get a look at the lake today, but the airport was fogged in this morning and all our flying was cancelled.

This was the date I thought the whole lake might be open, but I doubt that it is. If any of the local pilots are flying tomorrow, I’d love to hear from them.

In the meantime, some Lake Dwellers did send in comments about their ice conditions, so click on the Recent Comments to the right to read them. It seems Ptarmigan Bay just opened up, Rice Lake and Deception Lake are open, and it sounds good for Sioux Narrows.

This has happened to me before – on the last critical days as the ice goes out, the weather goes down or there is no flying. I think it’s because for six weeks, one day is as good as the next for seeing how things are going, but right at the end, you either see it on that magical day or you don’t. Let’s hope the magic is happening.

4 thoughts on “May 20, 2014: Socked In

  1. West Hawk Lake was frozen most of the way across as of the 19th but has now opened up and ice is 99% gone.

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