May 18, 2014: Just a Tease

I was away all weekend doing writer stuff. Check it out at Timothy Gwyn Writes if you are interested.  Andrew tells me he has really enjoyed helping out on Ice Patrol, so he went up on Sunday and took one more.

IMG_2591It doesn’t cover a wide area, just Thunder Bay and a little bit of Pine Portage Bay, but it’s enough to see that there is still quite a bit of pan ice drifting around.

I hope to get a few pictures tomorrow, but the weather forecast is for rain showers and possibly low cloud, so it might not be sightseeing weather. We’ll see. I had a great long weekend, I hope you did, too.

3 thoughts on “May 18, 2014: Just a Tease

  1. An update on Deception Lake & Rice Lake – ice gone as of last Tuesday. Had an awesome weekend on the water:)

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  2. As an FYI, the ice went out of southwest Ptarmigan Bay Monday morning ( the 19th). We had to break ice a bit to get in late Saturday aftenoon.

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