May 15, 2014: Afternoon Conditions

I took the opportunity to photograph the lake again this afternoon. Not because I expected huge changes, but to try and fill in some of the areas I missed. The first thing I noticed is that there are still vast areas of Lake of the Woods that are frozen solid.

20140515_170403cropBigstone Bay is almost entirely covered in white ice, although Moore Bay, to the south of Hay Island, looks open.

Click on the pictures to see a larger version that you can zoom in on.

I turned my attention to the Middle Island / Scotty Island area.

20140515_170350cropThat’s Middle Island in the um, middle. Scotty Island is to the right. I said the water had reached it, and that’s true, but only just. You cannot drop anchor at the beach yet.

What about Whisky Island and down towards Crow Rock?

20140515_170421cropScotty beach at the bottom center of the picture, looking W towards Crow Rock, Whisky Island, and Wolf Island. You cannot reach any of them yet. I think there is too much ice between Kenora and the Barrier Islands for them to be accessible this weekend.

Closer to town, things have gone better. Camp Stevens is surrounded by open water, and although I didn’t get a picture of them, I saw two sailboats near Town Island today.

20140515_170451cropThis picture looks N and shows everything from Channel Island on the left to Town Island on the right, and it’s all open water. Treaty Island is open all the way around, as is Rogers Island.

One reason I took so many photographs today is that the long weekend is almost upon us. People want to make plans. Another reason is that I will not be flying tomorrow or over the weekend, so I will not be able to offer new pictures until next week.

I’m still hopeful that next week is when we will see the lake open completely.

8 thoughts on “May 15, 2014: Afternoon Conditions

  1. Thank you for all the updates. Much appreciated. We are from the states. And like the updates for Bigstone Bay. We are on Hay Island and need updates. We have boats out of Northern Harbour. Thanks. D. Westphal.

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  2. Have had so much fun looking at your photos and updates every day. Really look forward to them. Thanks, lisa

  3. Very informative commentary and pics. What about Ptarmigan, Shoal Lake Narrows and Shoal Lake?

  4. Great shot looking west from scotty Island, can see corkscrew and part of ptarmigan bay, thanks for all your pics!!

  5. This is just so helpful !! Better than loading the boat , and finding you can only get half way to camp !!

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