May 11, 2014: One Warm Weekend

I did not go flying this weekend, but Andrew did, and I hope to have his photos by tonight. I did take a drive out along the Trans-Canada on Saturday, and the lakes visible from the highway, such as Granite, Lyon and Falcon, were all still frozen over. I saw quite a lot of cars with boats on trailers. Optimists, I guess.

In the meantime, how much difference can two days of warm weather make? It depends. Some of the small lakes in Kenora, such as Round Lake, melted almost completely. Others, like Rabbit Lake, are still nearly half covered in ice, but it’s rotten, candled ice.*

Here are a pair of photographs sent to me by Philip Vrsnik. They show the same view as seen on Saturday and then Sunday – what a difference!

Fish Island PairThis is Fish Island, down by the south-east corner of Bigstone Bay, looking WSW. Off in the distance, you can see that the bay is still frozen, but also that the ice is very dark.

The forecast for this week is for cooler temperatures, just above freezing. That won’t exactly speed things along for the upcoming long weekend, but we are also going to get rain, and that might help.

*candled ice: ice in which the crystalline structure has begun breaking down. What appears to be a sheet of ice falls apart when contacted by a boat or even a wave, disintegrating into a collection of vertical crystals the shape of hexagonal pencils. This makes a beautiful tinkling sound.

2 thoughts on “May 11, 2014: One Warm Weekend

  1. I was out at barepoint this weekend and I seen a big difference from Friday to Sunday morning the ice started to turn black and there is some open water right in the bay at barepoint

  2. Love this site / thanks for the shot of QUEEN BEE and Lunney Island last week
    Is Bare Point Marina open yet ? gb

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