May 11, 2014: Andrew’s Photographs

Andrew K. had a chance to swing out over the lake and take some more pictures from the Cessna on Sunday afternoon. First, one from close to town.

IMG_1859This is Rat Portage Bay, looking NE towards downtown Kenora. Gun Club Island is still completely icelocked, and with no passage from Laurenson’s Creek to Devil’s Gap there’s no point in the city crews taking out the floating bridge to Coney Island just yet. The link to the Kenora webcam will let you keep an eye on the status of the bridge, by the way.

Now let’s look the other way:

IMG_1854That’s Gun Club Island in the foreground, looking SSE over Treaty Island to Scotty Island at the very top of the picture. The ice is still holding together in Rat Portage Bay, and although you could boat through Keewatin Channel as far as The Tangle, you still could not make a landing on Town Island or Scotty.

Here’s a closer look at the farthest you can go:

IMG_1858Channel Island dominating the bottom of the picture, looking SSE at Scotty Island, which sprawls across the picture just above the center, and Andrew Bay in the far distance. No way to get a boat to Middle Island or Hay Island yet.

Lastly, because we all want to see the ice go as fast as possible, here’s a link to a cool time-lapse video that Tyler Hay sent me of the ice going out on Falcon Lake.


6 thoughts on “May 11, 2014: Andrew’s Photographs

  1. Been checking in daily…thanks so much for taking the time to keep all us anxious lake folks appraised on recent developments. 42 years, and never been able NOT to get to the island on the long weekend! Fingers crossed, any news on Clearwater bay?

  2. Thanks for the updates. Watching it closely.
    What are you seeing with the smaller land locked lakes? Specifically Deception Lake (NW of Clearwater bay.

  3. Hi,

    Thank you for your posts. I really enjoy seeing them as I’m headed to the Lake this summer for the first time in a few years. I grew up during the summers on Treaty Island and loved it.

    Cynthia Shore


    The Progressive Group

    Suite 1150 – 510 Burrard Street

    Vancouver, BC V6C 3A8

    Tel: 604 684-1149

    Cel: 604 290-3745

  4. Hello Ice patrol,

    I have enjoyed receiving your Ice patrol photos. Do you have any views of the western end of the lake namely, Clearwater Bay or channels around Zig Zag and Corkscrew Islands. What is your prediction for this weekend. Will the ice be out by Saturday on Clearwater ? Looking forward to getting out on the lake.


    Alex G. Ord

    77 Ravine Drive

    Winnipeg, Manitoba R2M 5N1


    res: 204-253-1772

    cell: 204-782-6018

  5. enjoy your posts and photos your doing a great job how is the ice on rush bay? don’t go out of your way but sure would like to know

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