May 5, 2014: Steady Progress

Here are some photos from Monday afternoon. Let’s start by looking south over town.

As always, you can click on the picture to see a larger, zoomable version.

ImageThe ice has let go at the floatplane docks and released the MS Kenora. Golf Course Bay has started to open up. Devil’s Gap has improved, too – it looks as if you might just be able to get a boat to Galt Island now.

ImageHere’s a picture that looks S over Treaty Island with Rogers Island at the left foreground and Shragges Island below and right of center. There is lots of water near Leisure Island, but it would be hard to actually land a boat on it. Further back on the right, Thompson Island is still locked in, and beyond that… ice. Lots and lots of ice. But there is a bit of water, way off in the distance, down by the Barrier Islands.

Lastly, for comparison, here’s a picture that shows Pine Portage Bay, home of Northern Harbour, behind Sultana Island.ImageYes, the bay is still full of ice. But it’s changing colour. Scroll down this blog to the April 21 entry to see for yourself.

8 thoughts on “May 5, 2014: Steady Progress

  1. Thanks again Tim. We appreciate your pictures and blogs very much. So anxious to get up to the Lake!

  2. Hi Mr Gwyn, If you happen to get a shot of Thunder bay (one east of Northern Harbour) that would be great. I am getting lots of calls. I am directing them to Ice Patrol. Cheers Al Smith Smith Camps

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