May 4, 2014: Second Channel Open to The Tangle

I’m excited to show you some pictures taken by local pilot Andrew K. He got further out on the lake than I could, so let’s take a look at what he found.

First, the ice South of Channel Island.

ImageThis picture looks SW with Town Island in the bottom left, with Thompson Island, (and beyond it, Wolf Island) above it. That’s Channel Island on the right and the water is starting to reach Leisure Island, The Tangle, and near the middle of the picture, Billy Goat Island.

Click on the pictures to see them full screen and zoomable.

ImageAndrew also got this nice picture of the Devil’s Gap, looking N with the City of Kenora under the wing of the Cessna. You can see that the gap has opened up a little more, with water reaching a bit further, but not as far as Rogers Island or Galt Island.

Thanks for sharing these with us, Andrew.

One thought on “May 4, 2014: Second Channel Open to The Tangle

  1. This aerial photos are amazing! I couldn’t agree more that aerial photos are important in patrolling a certain place to make sure that it’s still okay. In terms of calamities, aerial surveillance is very important to search the important matters. Drones (UAVs) are used today for legal surveillance to get rid of risk during calamities. Whoever the photographer of these images, you’re great! Cheers to that!

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