Daily Satellite Pictures!

Just as I was looking for a way to show how much of Lake of the Woods is still covered in ice, I got a message from Tim K. with a link to Satellite Photos of Lake of the Woods. How cool is that?

There’s a catch, but it’s a small one: the satellite pictures are only useful on sunny days, so you have to hunt through the available dates to find a clear shot. The link above took me to an April 29 image and all the more recent ones were obscured by cloud cover. Hey, it’s been that kind of a spring.

Note: I just tried this link on my smartphone, and the page with the satellite picture was not displayed all that well. The same might apply to tablets – I don’t think the web page is optimized for mobile devices.

One thought on “Daily Satellite Pictures!

  1. Hi Tim,
    Thank you for the great blog.
    I have been living on the lake for the last 43 years and this is the latest I have seen ice this solid.
    I broke my personal record by getting to my outpost 5 miles south of Tranquil Channel by snowmobile on April 21st.
    Please stop by and sign the Bar at the Old Pilots Pub. Only Pilots can sign.
    All the best!
    Al Smith
    Smith Camps

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