May 1, 2014: Downtown/Safety Bay

I was just out for a few minutes this morning, but I had time to grab a quick picture of downtown Kenora.         Click on the picture for more detail.ImageThe ice has let go along some of Kenora’s waterfront, although the stretch by the floatplane docks is still iced in. This photo looks W with Safety Bay on the right and Rat Portage Bay on the left.

Scroll down to compare today’s photograph with one taken on April 25, and you can see that the ice has been yielding on Rat Portage Bay.

8 thoughts on “May 1, 2014: Downtown/Safety Bay

  1. great shot , thanks for the update !
    waiting for some shots from bare point marina to lunny island !

  2. Wow it’s melting fast! Thank you very much for posting this; I’m waiting for ice out to start my vacation in the LoTW area.

  3. I received a copy of your blog yesterday for the first time. Great to see that things are breaking up. Looking forward to further pics from Bare Point Marina and out to Andrew Bay. Like everyone else can’t wait to be able to access the Island for the season and enjoy our new cabin.

    • Thanks for the update. Do you fly over the Winnipeg River between Keewatin and Myrtle Rapids?


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