April 29, 2014: Sunshine and Wind

Let’s start with the bad news: there’s still a lot of ice out there. Because I usually train my camera on the areas where the ice is retreating, it can seem as if the lake is opening up fast. This photograph gives a broader perspective.20140429_093907Looking NW, with Town Island in the foreground at the left. Shragges Island is just above the center of the picture, Rogers Island is at the middle of the right side. Take heart; all that ice is much darker today.

Click on the photos to see a larger version that you can zoom in on.

A closer look at the same area, concentrating on the open water.20140429_093918Back Channel, showing Channel Island and Shragges Island in more detail. Someone asked about Leisure Island the other day – not yet. In the distance, the patch of ice that stretches almost to the horizon on the left is White Partridge Bay.

20140429_094000Rat Portage Bay, with Crowe Island near the center, looking N towards Keewatin. This picture was taken in the morning, and it would still have been difficult to get through to Rat Portage Bay from Safety Bay.

I’ve focused on this area today because that’s where I saw the most progress. Northern Harbour is still ice-bound, in fact all of Pine Portage Bay looks really solid. Devils Gap hasn’t opened up much either.20140429_094041Looking NE down Rat Portage Bay with Gun Club Island sliding under the nose of the plane and Coney Island dominating the left side of the picture. It will be a while before boats are able to do much at the downtown Kenora end of the waterfront.

I know lots of people are anxious to hear about other parts of the lake: Crow Rock, Scotties and Middle Island, for instance, but for now there’s nothing to see out there except a vast expanse of white ice. As the thaw progresses, I’ll follow the water and take pictures in those areas.  Stay with me.

12 thoughts on “April 29, 2014: Sunshine and Wind

  1. Thank you Tim!!! I have been anxiously awaiting the new pictures! Not what I was hoping for but much appreciated! Fly Safe, until next time!

  2. This blog is so great, Tim! It has been hard in the past to find information about ice conditions to help us plan when to head north. Very grateful for your detailed reports!

  3. There are a lot of people (unofficial followers) who are very interested in all this and grateful for your work in providing the information.

    It’s a good thing, though, that your photos show how beautiful it is up there — all that ice. Miles and miles of ice.

    Many thanks, Tim.

    • The Ice Patrol is seasonal by nature. I will support links to organizations and businesses that are of special interest to lake people, but I have no plans to take paid advertising or sponsorships.

  4. Hey Tim. I worked with Neil Walsten when he was piloting for Barney Lamm at Ontario Central Airlines so many years ago. He was flying one of the Beavers. This a great site!! Any chance that you can take a shot on one of your runs of Darlington Bay-west of the bridge west of the dam? Have cottage on island right across from Shoal Lake rice plant.

  5. Bravo Tim… This is a great site for us Summer Kenorians who are anxious to get out to our lake homes… Keep up the great shots and fly safe!

  6. Thank you so much for this. Looking forward to getting to Treaty Island as soon as I can get through the gap. Hoping for May15th.

  7. Hi Tim,,I love this. My first time seeing your blog and I think it’s great!!! Thank you very much!! Good picture taker too :))

  8. Thank -You for taking the time to do this!! I posted this website info to the Manitoba Fishing Forum ,as so many anglers are interested in the ice conditions at this time of year !! Bravo keep up the good work !!

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