how to contact me

At the top of this page (I’m assuming you are looking at the web site, not an email), on the dark grey bar next to the title, you will notice three round icons. Clicking on the red one with the three horizontal lines will pull down a red band that offers a choice between HOME, which is where you are now, and ABOUT. There is a contact form on the ABOUT page. I would love to hear from you if you have put a link to Ice Patrol on your website.

8 thoughts on “how to contact me

    • Short answer: no. At least, not last time I was out. You can zoom in on the photo that shows Channel Island on April 25, and see that you can barely reach the NE corner of Channel Island. But monitor this site, because it could be any day now. Tim

  1. Tim

    Excellent Work!!

    I will send this to many of my clients that have cottages on the lake.


  2. hi Tim , great work on the site. I would like to add a link on our website. thanks wayne warkentin LOTW Docking ( I am managing Two Bears, Main ST, Water St, and 1st Ave docking.)

  3. Hi Tim:
    I am presently in St Catherines, Ontario awaiting ice to go on Lake of the Woods. My cottage is on SE side of Coney Island and we are anxiously waiting to get to our summer home.
    I really apppreciate the use of your photos, keep up the good work.

    John and Chris Balkwill
    Phoenix Arizona

  4. We are moving our sailboat to Lake of the Woods this year and hope to be in the water soon. Just want to say thanks for the great pictures any really appreciate the time, effort and expense to do this. Thanks again.

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