April 25, 2014: Just a Little Change

There are patches of sunlight this afternoon. Naturally, I took pictures this morning, when it was miserable and bumpy and trying to sleet. Let’s start with downtown, to help everyone get oriented.


You cannot get in or out of Laurenson’s Creek, so the boat ramp at the Kenora Recreation Centre is not much help. Note that the pedestrian bridge to Coney Island is still in place. At the right edge of the photo, you can see that Coney Beach is completely ice-locked. I apologize for the poor quality of this photo.

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Here is the largest patch of open water on Lake of the Woods:

ImageThis is a view of the West end of Safety Bay, looking North West. It shows the iconic Keewatin Bridge near the right edge. There is a bit more open water here than last week. Haven’t seen any boats yet, but one of the hovercraft was out today.

ImageOpen water has reached Yacht Club Island, but most of Rat Portage Bay is still frozen.

ImageThis is how the Back Channel is coming along; this shot looks SSE. My chart does not name the island in the foreground, but that’s Crowe Island at the left, and Forrest Island just right of center. You cannot reach this stretch of open water from the Yacht Club yet.

That’s all for today. Next week, perhaps we’ll have some sunny weather and I’ll get some prettier pictures.

No pressure, but because I am only able to post new images every week or so, one of the best ways to keep up without having to check this site every day is to use the Follow button. I will not add your email address to my contacts list or give it to anyone else. Thanks again to all of you who told a friend about the Ice Patrol – I am seeing over a thousand hits a day now. I never imagined.

3 thoughts on “April 25, 2014: Just a Little Change

  1. This is an invaluable service to us cottagers who are trying to determine the shortest time possible to get down to the lake. Thank you very much.
    If you can also do this to indicate when the ice is in, that would also be very much appreciated, so that I can then run the snowmobile out to the cottage.

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