April 21, 2014: Devil’s Gap/Northern Harbour

It was cloudy today, but fairly mild. The streets in town are almost entirely clear of snow, but if you were hoping that things have been opening up fast on the lake, well, not so much.

Here’s an overview of conditions near Kenora. Notice the blurry patches in the distance? Those are snow flurries.


This picture looks north with Devil’s Gap near the center, and Safety Bay in the distance. As you can see, there’s still a lot more ice than water, even right around town.

Don’t forget to click on the picture to see it in higher resolution.

Here is a closer look at Devil’s Gap:


There really isn’t a lot of open water in the gap, and Golf Course Bay is still frozen. Safety Bay has a large stretch of water that you can admire from the Keewatin Bridge, but it doesn’t really connect to anything, not even the Yacht Club.

Lastly, for you anxious deep-water sailors, here’s a gloom-inducing look at Northern Harbour. If you’ve been wanting to call to ask when they’re putting your boat in, you should maybe wait a little longer.


Is there any good news at all? Yes. Despite some recent snowfalls, the lake ice is showing a much greyer tone lately as the snow cover melts away. That means the ice will be exposed to wind and weather from now on, and the melting will accelerate. For now, things look about the same as they did this time last year. On the right (unless you’re trying to view this site on your mobile device) there are links to Previous Years. I just checked the archives, and on April 22 of 2013, (album name 2013-04-22) the amount of open water was very similar to today’s, except with more snow cover. I hope that means that we might see the lake open up on a similar timeline. Last year the lake was wide open by mid-May, due in part to very windy conditions on the 14th that tore the remaining large pans to shreds. That’s an insight, not a prediction. Keep your fingers crossed.


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