April 16, 2014: Two Pictures of Back Channel

Naturally, there has not been much real change in the ice condition in just two days, but I had a chance to swing a little further out over Lake of the Woods this afternoon, and take a look at Back Channel. This is usually the first passage to allow boats beyond Safety Bay. Devil’s Gap is more convenient for many users, but the network of ice roads in the vicinity of Treaty Island creates reinforced ice that is reluctant to melt. So… what have we got?


Looking North-West along Channel Island, with Shragge’s Island near the middle of the right edge. That should be part of Town Island in the bottom right corner of the photo. Note the ice roads on the big expanse of white ice.

Remember: you can click on these images to see a full-resolution view.


The same patch of open water, looking North-East, with Little Poplar Bay in the left foreground and Kenora in the distance.

You might be wondering how often I will be posting new information and photographs. In general, the thaw takes about six weeks, and I try to put out pictures each week. If I don’t get a timely chance to take new pictures, I’ll post a text update to let you know how things are going.

For the remainder of this week, we can expect daytime highs in the single (Celsius) digits with overnight lows just below freezing. Next week, temperatures should rise into the teens during the day and stay above freezing at night. We still have a long way to go.


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