Ice Patrol is now a blog. Follow it for email updates.

When I began doing the Ice Patrol, I emailed different aerial photographs to different friends. A few years ago, I opened an account at Photobucket and uploaded all the pictures there, so that people could look at more than one part of the Lake of the Woods and even compare this year’s thaw to previous years.

It just occurred to me that if I transformed it into a blog, I would be able to offer more verbal descriptions of how the ice is going.

Example: Cam went ice fishing last weekend. His auger would not penetrate, so there’s still more than three feet of solid ice out there. That’s not a made up example, by the way. He really did and there really is.

Better yet, I can do blog updates whenever there is news, even on days when I did not get the opportunity to add new pictures. Like today.

There is another advantage. While I was doing it on Photobucket, everyone had to check to see if I had put up new pictures lately. In blog format, anyone can ‘Follow’ the blog, and they will get an email update whenever I post new info.

It will take me a while to get all the features working the way I want them. I’ll insert new pictures in the body of posts as I do them, so it will be more of a one-stop experience for all you campers and cottagers; after I’ve been doing it for a while, you’ll just be able to scroll down to compare the newest pictures to last week’s.

For now, I’ll kickstart things by putting links to the archive pictures over on the right, and I’ll work at importing the albums down the road.

It should be much easier to share comments and ask questions. The comments section could become a way for different ‘lake people’ to keep in touch and compare notes on everything from ice conditions to dock damage. Any features you want to see? I might be able to put in a link to a proper marine chart, for instance.

Follow this blog. Email your lake friends to let them know about it. Use the comments section to make it even better.

4 thoughts on “Ice Patrol is now a blog. Follow it for email updates.

  1. Thanks so much, Tim. I’ve sent this out to the usual suspects and we will once again enjoy following the big Spring Thaw.

    Down here in Bloomington we are already starting to complain about the heat, but I suppose you don’t need to hear about that.

  2. Was really glad to get this link from a friend. I’ve been searching for info on conditions at Nestor Falls…please don’t say that is one of the areas with five feet of ice!

  3. Great Job Tim. Photos are excellent. Can’t see it being gone til after the long weekend at this rate. Keep them comin..

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